Trimethyl Orthoformate

Alias: Trimethoxymethane
CAS No.:149-73-5
Molecular Formula: C4H10O3
Molecular weight:106.12
Properties: colorless transparent liquid, with odor of ester. Boiling point 103 -105 °C, Relative Density 0.9676(20/4 °C), Refractive index 1.3773 (2.5 °C), Flash point 15 °C, soluble in ethanol and ether and decomposable in water.

Item Index
Appearance colorless & transparent liquid
Content %:≥ 99.0
Methyl Formate%:≤  0.30
Methanol %:≤ 0.2
Triazine%:≤ 0.02

Product Package:
Plastic drum or galvanized iron drum, net weight 200kgs per drum or ISO Tank.

  • Intermediate for agrochemicals
  • Intermediate for pharmaceuticals