DTPA Chelating Agent

DTPA, diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid or Pentetic Acid, C14H23N3O10 


  • Paper bleaching where it is used to sequester or bind metal ions that woulddecompose the hydrogen peroxide.
  • Chelated micronutrient delivery in fertilizers.
    DTPA is more effective than EDTA in alkaline soils.
    It has five ligands allowing it to hold the element more tightly.
    DTPA is more expensive than EDTA & has lower solubility so it is found in smaller quantities in most synthetic fertilizers.
  • Hair products where its chelating properties deactivate magnesium & calcium ions.

    Specifications ;

    Test Item

    Standard Specification

    Melting point


    Solubility in water

    < 0.5g / 100ml.

    pH Value



    White Crystalline Powder