Chelated Micronutrients in Horticulture

agricultureMany metal micronutrients are unavailable to plants in their basic forms due to the fact that metals, such as iron, are positively charged. The pores or openings on plant roots are negatively charged. As a result, metal elements canā€™t enter the plant. However, if a chelate is added, it surrounds the metal/mineral ion resulting in a neutral or slightly negative charge, allowing the element to easily pass across the cell membrane and travel into the plant.
There are several chelating agents that are commonly used in commercial fertilizers.

  • EDTA or ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate, the most commonly used chelating agent.
  • DTPA (diethyle-netriamine-penta-acetate). is also added in higher quality grades of fertilizers
  • EDDHA (ethylene-diamine-dihydroxy-phenylacetic-acid) represents the highest quality of synthetic chelating agents available and are the most effective across all growing environments.

Synthetic Chelating Agents deliver Micronutrients to Plants

EDTA is the most common chelating agent with four connection points or ligands. EDTA is used for both soil and leaf applied micronutrients. EDTA and other synthetic chelates are foreign compounds and are not absorbed by the plant. The plant can remove the element, for example iron, from the chelate and absorb the element then return the foreign chelating agent back into solution where it can chelate other elements. EDTA is best used in slightly lower than neutral pH levels, as will release the element back into the nutrient solution in high pH conditions.

DTPA is a better suited chelating agent for high pH conditions. It has five ligands allowing it to hold the element more tightly. DTPA is more expensive than EDTA & has lower solubility so it is found in smaller quantities than EDTA in most synthetic fertilizers.

EDDHA is the strongest, most effective, chelating agent. Due to its relatively high cost it is found in only the top fertilization formulationsĀ  EDDHA helps plants to absorb more zinc than EDTA, preventing yellowing of plants during late flowering.

EDTA Mixed Micronutrients Manufacturer

Our JackChem dedicated factory in the city of Shijiazhuang manufactures a range of EDTA Chelated Micronutrients for use in fertilizers as well as DTPA & EDDHA products.
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