Hebei Chengxin Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturing of Sodium Cyanide and its derivatives in China. We are dedicated to increasing the value of our customers by delivering the high-value products and solutions as quick as possible. We work together with our customers to managing the risks of global sourcing and supply chains since we believe the partnership is the key to success.


CategoryProduct NameCAS No.
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA Acid60-00-4
Cyanoacetate & Malonate SeriesCyanoacetic Acid372-09-8
Cyanoacetate & Malonate SeriesEthyl Cyanoacetate105-56-6
Cyanoacetate & Malonate SeriesMethyl Cyanoacetate105-34-0
Cyanoacetate & Malonate SeriesMalonate Acid
Cyanoacetate & Malonate SeriesDimethyl Malonate108-59-8
Cyanoacetate & Malonate SeriesDiethyl Malonate108-59-8
Cyanoacetate & Malonate SeriesDiisopropyl malonate13195-64-7
Cyanuric ChlorideCyanuric Chloride108-77-0
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA 2Na6381-92-6
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA 4Na
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA CaNa223411-34-9
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA CuNa214025-15-1
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA FeNa215708-41-5
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA MgNa214402-88-1
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA ZnNa214025-21-9
EDTA & ChelatesEDTA MnNa215375-84-5
EDTA & ChelatesDTPA
EDTA & ChelatesDTPA 5Na
EDTA & ChelatesEDDHA Fe 6%16455-61-1
EDTA & ChelatesNTA
EDTA & ChelatesNTA 3Na
Other ProductsSodium Ferrocyanide13601-19-9
Other ProductsPotassium Ferrocyanide14459-95-1
Other ProductsSodium Thiocyanade540-72-7
Other ProductsSodiun Dicyanamide
Other ProductsBarbituric Acid67-52-7
Other ProductsDihydroxypryimidine1193-24-4
Other ProductsDiphenyl Guanidine
Other ProductsEMME87-13-8
Other ProductsGlycolic acid
Other ProductsGlycolonitrile & its derivatives
Phenylacetate SeriesBenzyl Cyanide140-29-4
Phenylacetate SeriesPhenylacetic Acid103-82-2
Phenylacetate SeriesSodium phenylacetate
Phenylacetate SeriesPotassium phenylacetate13005-36-2
Sodium CyanideSodium Cyanide