Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd. is one of the largest producers of sodium cyanide and its derivaties in China. It is the top-50 industrial enterprise of Shijiazhuang, top-100 enterprise of Hebei Province and top-500 chemical enterprise of China.

Initially founded in 1990, the company was reformed into a limited liability company in 1994. Now the company has more than 5,500 staff and a total capital of 5 billion yuan. Its main products include 56 varieties such as sodium cyanide, sodium ferrocyanide, cyanuric chloride, benzyl cyanide, phenylacetic acid (sodium and potassium), malonate series, cyanide acid ester series and EDTA chelating agent series, wherein sodium cyanide and cyanuric chloride are awarded “Hebei Famous-brand Product”, diethyl malonate is awarded “Hebei High-quality Product”, and the ester series, chelating agent series and phenylacetic acid series take the lead in the industry worldwide in terms of productivity and market share. The company has passed the certifications of quality management system, environmental management system and occupation health safety management system.

Goal of “Twelfth Five-year Plan”

During the “twelfth five-year plan” period, the company will closely watch international and domestic advanced standard of the industry, actively develop medicine chemical industry, agricultural chemical industry and fine chemical industry and extend to and develop terminal products, in an effort to realize better and faster enterprise development. At the same time, it will strengthen safety production, energy conservation and emission reduction, protect environment, implement sustainable development strategy and strive to realize the goal of building a time-honored enterprise.

Till the end of “twelfth five-year plan” period, the company will realize the annual sales amount of 14.2 billion yuan and the profit and tax of 2.2 billion yuan.