Ⅰ、Enterprise Philosophy:
Loyal, Trustworthy.
Ⅱ、Company Mission:
By the love and trust of the community, to contribute to society enterprise.
Ⅲ、Company Vision:
Become an international famous enterprise providing excellent chemicals and technical services for global customers.
Sincere, Credible;
Pragmaticality, Innovation, Constant Improvement;
Help Customers Succeed, Make Sustainable Development.
Ⅴ、Business Philosophy:
1、 Continuously improve product quality and service standard to realize customer satisfaction;
2、 Continuously improve technical standard and reduce cost to improve career, environment and welfare;
3、 Continuously make innovation and create wealth to contribute to a well-off society and a prosperous county
1、 Tell Truth, Do Practical Things, Seek Practical Results
2、 Take Action to Facilitate Others’ Working
3、 Innovation Comes from Crisis Awareness
4、 Efforts Will Definitely Lead to Repay
5、 Trust Will Bring Permanent Survival
6、 Tactic Failure Is Just Minor Wound, Strategic Failure Devastate the Company
7、 Having Only Ability Is Not as Good as Enthusiasm and Efforts
8、 Those Turning Impossible Things to Possible Things Win
9、 Price Is Not All, Merchants Win by Service

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